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We are currently looking for new Pet Care Providers!

  • In order to work as an Independent Contractor (IC)/Pet Care Provider(PCP), ideally, you should have experience in the pet care industry. This could be either as a Kennel Worker, Groomer, Doggy Daycare, Rescue Group, Vet Tech, Dog Walker or Pet Sitter. If you have ever taken care of a pet for a friend, neighbor, or relative you may be a good fit for this position.

    Below is a listing of the services Paula’s Pet Sitting currently offers. It reflects the availability of our current Pet Care Providers. If you have a unique availability and would like to provide pet care services on a different schedule other than the ones listed below, please contact us. We are willing to tailor a schedule (if possible) to suit your needs.

    • Midday Dog Walkers:
      Must be available to walk dogs, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 AM & 3 PM. The dog walks are set up as 15-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute or 1-hour walks. The number of dogs you’ll walk on any given day will vary based upon the clients’ schedules and when they need pet care. You must be available all 5 days and all of these hours. We will not be able to consider those who are only available a few days per week or for only certain hours of the 9-3 time block. We do make allowances for picking up kids from school or things of that nature.
    • Pet Sitters:
      Currently we are hiring:  Mid-day dog walkers (Monday – Friday 9 am – 3 pm), Weekend/Night workers (must be available as early as 7 a.m. through 9 p.m.), House Sitters (live in our clients homes while they are away) and any combination of the three.  I am willing to tailor a schedule to accomodate your availability.
    • Doggy Doo Yard Clean-up: 
      At this time we are hiring teens to work on our “Doggy Doo Teams”, but it is up to the IC if you want to provide this service to your clients.
    • Overnight Pet Care Providers:
      The IC must stay at the client’s home and interact with the pets for one hour prior to bedtime and one hour in the morning. IC must be able to feed dinner as per the client’s timeframe and check in for the night by 9 PM and stay until 7 AM each day. The client may request that we do up to 4 pet visits per day in addition to the overnight care. You will be paid at the same rate and these visits will be part of your daily schedule.  If you are able to provide the daytime visits, we have other workers to cover those.
    • Concierge Service:
      This could include cleaning and sanitizing pet bowls, litter boxes or toys, vacuuming or watering the garden. These services are for active pet sitting clients only.
  • Paula’s Pet Sitting is interested in working with Independent Contractors (IC’s) who want to build a long-term relationship with our company and its clients. This is not a good position for those trying to find interim work while in-between jobs or trying to “figure-out” what their next step is. Our clients come to trust their assigned Pet Care Provider and appreciate it when they’re able to grow a trusted relationship with that person.

    In order to work as an Independent Contractor (IC)/Pet Care Provider(PCP), ideally, you should have experience in the pet care industry. This could be either as a Kennel Worker, Groomer, Doggy Daycare, Rescue Group, Vet Tech, Dog Walker or Pet Sitter. If you have ever taken care of a pet for a friend, neighbor, or relative you may be a good fit for this position.  I am interested in talking to anyone with a sincere interest in providing pet care services!

    You Must:

    • Have a valid driver’s license and access to a reliable, insured (not shared) vehicle.
    • Have daily access to the Internet via Smartphone and the ability to communicate effectively by returning emails, text messages and phone calls promptly. It is typical for a client to call in the morning and ask for a dog walk at noon. We need to be able to respond to the client immediately.
    • You must be able to access your mobile phone application while performing duties.
    • All appointments must be logged into the online program at the start and end of each service. Fast and friendly communication between the IC’s, the clients and Paula’s Pet Sitting is the key to ensuring that we continue to be the top in-home pet care provider in Midland County.
    • You must be able to access the internet from your smartphone while roaming. We do not ask our clients for their Wifi password.
    • Be familiar with the service area.
    • Commit to at least 6 months.
    • Be able to provide 3 professional references.
    • Pass a criminal history check.
    • Provide proof of your own liability insurance. We also are able to insure you under our own insurance plan, but will require you to pay the annual fee.
  • How the Schedule Works:

    • We can tailor a schedule to meet your availability.  We have several schedules that we use for our current employees, but scheduling is open to discussion.
    • We keep our sitters assignments as close to their “home base” as possible to increase their profits. The usual travel distance is 5 miles or less unless the IC agrees to travel further. 
    • Our sitters are paid (bi-weekly) a percentage of what we charge the pet owner.  During your first 12-months with us we pay a 55/45% split, after 1 year we pay a 60/40% split. You earn an additional percentage on holidays and for last minute scheduling requests.  You keep 100% of your tips.
    • The income from this position fluctuates with the seasons.  This job is a great source of retirement or supplemental income.  It will take at least 3 months and possibly 6 months to build up your client list to a full time schedule.   Our pet sitters are paid bi-weekly and typically make anywhere from $200 a pay period (part time) to as much as $1200 a pay period (full time).  These amounts fluctuate from week to week and season to season. Typically we are very busy during the holidays and then the few weeks afterwards are extremely quiet with significantly fewer visits scheduled by our clients. If you need to replace a full time job income right away, then this position will not work for you.

    While Paula will try her best to cover your visits in an emergency, this is not a job where “calling in sick” is tolerated. The pets in your care depend on you to complete your assignments and (1) no-call; no-show is cause for immediate termination of assignments.

    • Independent Contractors (IC’s) build their schedules by either inheriting the walks of another sitter who is no longer able to offer their services to Paula’s Pet Sitting, or by adding on new clients that sign-up for service.
    • When Paula’s Pet Sitting receives a “New Client Call”, this person will be assigned to the worker “Partners” based on the proximity to the IC’s home base unless otherwise specified (i.e: the walker requests a certain client).
    • Our regular mid-day clients retain the same IC until their relationship with Paula’s Pet Sitting ends or until the IC is no longer contracted by Paula’s Pet Sitting.
    • Our IC’s visit their same clients in their route Monday through Friday based on the client’s booking schedule.
    • The IC can concentrate on doing what they love: Taking care of animals. IC’s do not need to do any paperwork, scheduling, advertising or taking multiple phone call / inquiries throughout the day. The IC does not need to “Look for” work or take phone calls to set up services – you get to do the fun stuff and leave the management to Paula’s Pet Sitting.
    • If the IC is sick, plans a vacation, has a family emergency or other concerns, there is someone to take care of your clients as a back-up. In return, it is expected that the IC will willingly provide back-up for other Pet Care Providers working for Paula’s Pet Sitting.
    • The expense and time involved in maintaining the client data base, liability insurance, bookkeeping, accounting and banking fees is managed by Paula’s Pet Sitting.
    • We offer supplemental insurance as a payroll deduction (AFLAC).
    • All of your business expenses such as mileage and work clothing are tax deductible.

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