Fearful or Defensive Aggression in Cats

Is your cat fearful when it feels threatened by a new person in their environment?  A good way to know if this is the case is by body posture – crouching, flattening of the ears, hissing, spitting or hair standing up on backbone.  Most likely this cat will not attack unless approached.  Here are some tips to help your fearful kitty get used to a new Pet Sitter.

When your Pet Care Providers arrive for the Meet and Greet let them know that you have a very fearful cat.  They will know to avoid interacting with your cat right away.  This may take several visits, but it can be accomplished during the course of care of your pet. Your Pet Sitter will not approach your cat or attempt to pick it up to comfort it, but allow your pet to approach in it’s own time.

At each visit, the Pet Sitter may attempt to help your cat relax by sitting on the couch or the floor during their visit. The cat owner may want to provide the cat’s favorite treats to the pet sitter (if your kitty is treat motivated).  If the cat will not approach, the Pet Sitter may toss the treats closer to the cat.  Feel free to provide a toy on a longer stick for the kitty, that can be used to help your cat overcome the paralyzing fear they may initially feel and help them reach the curiosity stage.  It may take a few visits, but eventually your cat should begin to enjoy or look forward to the company of their Pet Sitter.  We know that there is no need to rush the process!

The Pet Sitter will continue to spend 5-10 minutes of their pet visit employing these methods.  Quite often when you are on vacation, your cat will be lonely and be more likely to reach out to her Pet Sitter.  We will continue to encourage your cat to reach out for a bit of social time at each of our visits.

Some cats will never warm up to their caregive, but most bashful kitties will eventually reach the stage where they will watch from a distance.  

The Pet Care Providers at Paula’s Pet Sitting are committed to helping your cat feel comfortable as possible while their owners are away.  We firmly believe that there is No Place Like Home for your precious feline family members.

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