Gift Ideas for the Pet Lovers on your list

Not sure what to get the Pets on your list?  Do your Grand Fur-Babies look for a Prezzie from Nana on the big day?  Do you have that one person on your list that is impossible to buy for?  Pick the perfect gift for their pet and you will surely be more than appreciated!

Here are some suggestions to help you out!

  1. HOMEMADE TREATS – It can be fun to experiment with recipes for doggie or kitty cookies!  Buy some bone or fish shaped cookie cutters and make dozens for all your pet loving friends and family!  
  2. TREE ORNAMENT – Take a picture of the pet (or stalk their Facebook page) and upload the picture at a website like or  Have that hairy grin immortalized into a tree ornament (or picture frame or coffee mug or t-shirt…).
  3. DOG COLLAR DECORATION – Buy a selection of dollar store silk flowers inexpensive bow tie.  Try to get a wide selection of colors or styles.  Use a glue gun to attach a piece of velcro to the flower/bow tie and afix it to a new collar!  Make a 1/2 dozen and the lucky pup will have accessories for every occasion!
  4. MONOGRAMMED TOWEL – When Bowser comes in the house all wet and muddy its always nice to have his own personal pet towel for clean up.  Whip stitch an elastic hair band on the edge of the towel and include a Command Adhesive Wall Hook and it is now easy to hang up on the wall in a convenient spot.
  5. COUPON OR CREDIT FOR PET CARE – Locate a reputable pet sitter (or find out who your gift reciptient uses) and pay for a coupon for a Mid-Day Walk for your Grand Dog or Kitty.


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