Meet Our Team

Our Team

Your Pet Care Professionals


Paula Elandt –  Owner and Founder

Hello!  My name is Paula Elandt and I started watching pets as a “Hobby Business” back in May of 2015.  I quickly realized that there was a tremendous need for home based pet care that was professional, affordable and available 7 days a week.   

I am committed to managing a team of pet sitters and providing Professional In-Home pet care services to the Midland community for many years to come.  I am very proud of the ladies that work for me and would absolutely trust them with my own pets and with the reputation of Paula’s Pet Sitting!


Amy C. –  Administrative Assistant

Hi!  My name is Amy Clark and I will be the person responding to all phone calls, emails and text messages Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  I ensure that our Pet Care provider’s schedules flow smoothly and the needs of our client’s and their pets are taken care of.

I have been owned and loved by animals for my entire life. I have owned a variety of pets including barn animals, horses, cats, dogs, rats, reptiles, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, hermit crabs, birds, fish, etc.  The only critter I am not comfortable with is SPIDERS!  

For years I spent a lot of time involved in training and showing dogs.  It was a ton of fun but also a huge time commitment, especially on the weekends.  As my children started to get busy in sports on the weekends, I decided to give up my hobby for the time being so I could be there to support them.  

The thing I love best about pet sitting is that no matter what kind of day I am having, animals always make my day better!  

Stephanie T. –  Pet Sitter

Hi. My name is Stephanie Thomas.

Over the past 16 years we (my family and I) have had 3 dogs and 2 cats. For over three years we have volunteered in many different capacities at the humane society of Midland county. Whether it be walking dogs, loving on cats, community outreach or live trapping, we love it all. Through the foster program at the shelter we have fostered several special needs dogs and cats and my favorite bottle- feed kittens. As a family we love to give these kittens the start they deserve and prepare them for their furever homes.

I’m excited to take care of your animal(s) while you’re away.

Gigi paulas-gigi-2Z. –  Pet Care Provider

Hi!  I provide pet sitting, dog walks and overnight house sitting.

I’m originally from Dearborn MI. I have always loved visiting my grandparents farm near Midland where I learned to care for their dogs, cats and sheep and they even had a goose when I was little.  I love nature and all animals so it’s great to now live in the Midland area.


MarciaMarcia B. – Pet Care Provider
Hi There!  I provide Mid-Day Dog Walks and Vacation Services.

I love animals, and believe that a pet is a fundamental source of unconditional love 😉 I feel privileged to be able to help other people provide care for their pets!

While growing up, and while raising my own children, I have enjoyed having many different types of pets, from rats and cavies to birds and fish to dogs and cats. I currently share a home with my cat and three goldfish.

Stacey E. – Pet Sitter

Hi! I provide Mid-Day Dog Walks, Vacation Services and Overnight House Sitting Services.

I am originally from Lincoln, Nebraska but have lived here in Midland a little over 10 years now. I have found it to be a fantastic place to raise my 2 children and I love the small town feel of the community!  I have loved animals for as long as I can remember and have always had them in my life.  I’ve owned just about everything at some point through the years including dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, fish, hamsters, and even a gecko!  I’m an equal opportunity animal lover!  I have always found comfort and joy in the unconditional love they provide us. When I lived in Nebraska I volunteered on Saturday mornings at the Humane Society walking dogs.  I found it so rewarding.  I look forward to the opportunity of getting to care for and love your furry family members the same way you do because they are FAMILY!  

Angie MAngela M. – Pet Care Provider
Hi there!  I provide Mid-Day Dog Walks, Vacation Services and Overnight House Sitting Services.

 I have had dogs in my life since I wa 4 years old. When I got older I was not able to have children so my dogs have always been my kids. I understand each pet has a personality all it’s own.

I look forward to getting to know your pets!

KaitlinKaitlin Stom – Pet Care Provider

Hello! My name is Kaitlin Stom. Although I grew up in Michigan, I moved to Kentucky for about three years and only recently moved back to the area. I believe pets are such an important part of a family. I have cats of my own and they are such a huge part of my life. I love animals and am so excited to meet yours!

Kalli B. – Pet Care Provider
Hello!  I provide Mid-Day Dog Walks and Pet Visits.

As a child I grew up with dogs, rabbits and gerbils and spent summer weekends on my grandfather’s farm. Over the years, my family has had several dogs, including two Labs and a litter of eight Lab puppies. We currently have two Jack Russell Terriers that keep us on our toes.

I was a stay at home mom for 18 years to three wonderful girls. Now they are growing up I have decided to pursue a passion of mine–animals!  Over the years of raising active girls, my husband and I had to entrust someone to care for our dogs while we were away. I know how important it is to feel comfortable and worry-free when away from our animals (as they are a part of the family).  I will take pride in knowing that I can not only help care for your animals, but also you entrusting me to do so. I can’t wait to meet you and your family pets!

Kat SKat S. – Pet Care Provider
Hi! I provide Mid-Day Dogwalking, Overnight House Sitting, and Pet Sitting.

I never thought I would have a dog; my parents always said “no” at first. The day they brought home our first dog I fell in love instantly! Then we adopted her sister two days later. Life got crazy and we now have 6 dogs, whom are all chiweenies. Animals are a passion for me! I have a big heart and love all animals. I’ve always had animals in my life. I volunteered to help friends with animals and volunteered at the Humane Society. I enjoyed building a bond with every dog I walked. I look forward to building a friendship with your pet!


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