Our Services and Fees


Headed out of town or out for the night? No problem!  One of our caregivers will visit your home up to 4 times per day, Morning, Mid Day, Evening and Late Night to take care of your precious pals. We will also bring in your mail, take out the trash and water a few indoor plants at no extra charge.  This is also a handy service if you are working long hours and your pet just needs to be let out in the back yard once or twice during the middle of the day.  A visit with cats/small pets includes feeding, freshening water, scooping litter box or changing litter. For small pets, we must be booked for a visit at least every other day, but prefer daily visits to ensure their wellbeing.  

If you work long hours and typically come home at lunch to let out your dog, you may want to consider hiring a Mid-Day Dog Walker to do it for you!  We are currently offering a 10% disount if you book 5 Mid-Day Dog Walks in one week.


Is your pet afraid of the dark? Do they get lonely at night? Have one of our sitter’s spend the night to give your pets and your home the added security. This service includes a dinner visit with 10-hour sleeping stay. Additonal mid-day visits are at the regular home visit price.



This service is available to our registered pet care clients only.  We will travel up to 5 miles one way from your home – additional charge if more than 5 miles.  Each service request must be clearly documented in an email.  All arrangements for additional expenses (such as a dry cleaning bill or vet bill) must be made ahead of time.  


Concierge Services Available:
Doggy Doo Pick-up:  This services includes dog waste pick-up for up to 1 acre and up to 3 dogs.  Temperatures must be well above freezing and no snow on the ground.

Pet Taxi:  We can pick up or drop off your dog from the groomer or the veterinarian

Indoor plant, yard or garden watering service:  You can let us know what you would like done.

Key pick up or drop off service:  Forget to give your pet sitter a key?  Need it back at the end of your vacation?  Need extra keys made?  No problem!  The $20 fee covers pick up and drop off of the key.

Wait Service:   We’ll wait at your home, let the repair person in, wait until they are finished with their repair and lock up afterwards.  We can also wait for package delivery, sign for packages and ensure they are placed safely in your home.

Light Housekeeping:  We can vacuum carpets, dust surfaces, load or empty dishwasher, fold laundry, sweep floors or do general pick-up and straightening.


Does your dog need more love and attention than 3-4 times per day? Does he enjoy socializing with other dogs? Is she comfortable in other people’s homes?  We can offer individual attention, a fenced yard (secure for small dogs) and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in the household. We are able to keep up with your pet’s regular routine — including eating schedules, bathroom breaks, grooming necessities, and daily exercise requirements — so your pet has less anxiety while you’re away. We will schedule a meet and greet at our house prior to the first scheduled boarding.  Please call or text prior to picking up your dog to ensure that we are available.

We do not board puppies younger than 16 weeks of age.  Puppies must be housebroken to board in our homes.  Your dog must be used to staying in a crate at night and get along well with other dogs.  We ask you to provide a crate, bedding, toys and food.  Dogs must be crate trained, housebroken and non-aggressive to other dogs or people.  Dogs absolutely must be free of fleas, ear mites, intestinal parasites or any other communicable disease. If any of the above are found your pet will be treated with medications we have on hand and you will be charged accordingly. If you feel that your pet may have been exposed to any of the above illnesses, please treat them for the condition proactively (ie: administer a topical medication such as Advecta for fleas or an Otic Ear treatment for ear mites) even if you haven’t seen evidence of their being infected.

Our boarding rates are charged PER DAY.  What this means is if you drop off your dog in the morning at 7:30 and pick up by 8:00 pm you will only be charged for 1 day.  If your pet stays the night and is picked up the next day (at any time during the day) you will be charged for that 2nd day.  You could potentially have your pet stay two full days and one night and only be charged the two day fee.

We have two homes available to board your dog:

Paula’s House:
I have three dogs of my own. I have two Yorkie mix brothers named George and Sebby; they are ages 5 and 6 years old and they are very good with other dogs. I also have a 12 year old Olde English Bulldog named Rosie. She mainly sleeps all day, but she also does very well with smaller dogs.  I also have three children ages 11, 14 and 14. They are all very comfortable with animals and love to have them around!  Paula will care for your small dog (30-lbs and under).

Amy’s House:
In addition to myself and my husband, Tom, we also have 3 teenage sons. Our oldest is away at college most of the time and our middle son is getting ready to head off to college in the Fall. Our youngest is a Freshman in high school. They have been raised around dogs as we have been boarding in our home for 13 years. We typically limit our home to 4 boarded dogs at one time.  We currently do not have any pets of our own.  Amy will care for dogs 50-lbs and under in her home.

Feel free to give us a call for more information about our In-Home dog boarding service at 989-513-7937.



30-Min Visit$15.00
30-Min Visit w/25% surcharge$18.75
60-Min Visit$25.00
60-Min Visit w/25% surcharge$31.25
90-Min Visit$40.00
90-Min Visit w/25% surcharge$50.00
Boarding (-30 lbs)$25.00
Boarding (-30 lbs) w / 25% surcharge$31.25
Boarding (+30 lbs)$30.00
Boarding (+30 lbs) w / 25% surcharge$37.50
Farm Visits (30-Min)$25.00
30-Min Farm Visit w / 25% surcharge$31.25
Farm Visits (60-Min)$45.00
60-Min Farm Visit w / 25% surcharge$56.25
House Sitting$60.00
House Sitting w / 25% surcharge$75.00
Concierge Service (Time based)($20/hr)$20.00
Concierge Service w/25% surcharge$25.00
30-Min visit / Outside City Limits$20.00
Outside City Limits w/25% sucharge$25.00
60-Min visit / Outside City Limits$30.00
Outside City Limits w/25% sucharge$37.50
*Surcharge is applied to:
–  Service requests with less than 24 hours notice and holidays.
–  View holiday schedule in FAQ’s.