$25 per 60 Min.

This service is available to our registered pet care clients only.  Each service request must be clearly documented in the service request.  All arrangements for additional expenses (such as cost of keys or vet bill) must be made ahead of time.   Same day service request surcharges may apply.

Doggy Doo Pick-up:  This services includes dog waste pick-up for up to 1 acre and up to 3 dogs.  Temperatures must be well above freezing and no snow on the ground.

Pet Taxi:  We can pick up or drop off your dog from the groomer or the veterinarian or Grandma’s house.

Key pick up or drop off service:  Forget to give your pet sitter a key?  Need it back at the end of your vacation?  Need extra keys made?  No problem!  ($10 charge for this service only).

Wait Service:   We’ll wait at your home, let the repair person in, wait until they are finished with their repair and lock up afterwards.  We can also wait for package delivery, sign for packages and ensure they are placed safely in your home.