Grocery Delivery Service

Do you need:

  • Home delivery of fruit and vegetables
  • Home delivery of fresh and frozen meat
  • Home delivery of dairy products
  • Home delivery of beverages (including alcohol)
  • Home delivery of frozen foods
  • Home delivery of other food items
  • Home delivery of other non-food items
  • Home delivery of drugs and health products

We can help you with that!!


We know how busy our clients are! Our goal is to take ONE MORE THING off your list of things to do for the day.

We do your grocery shopping for you. Simply schedule a “Grocery Delivery” service in your Time To Pet profile. You type up your Grocery List in the Time to Pet Conversation Feed. One of our Workers will go to the store of your choice (see below), purchase the items, deliver them back to your home, store cold items in the refrigerator or freezer and leave the pantry items on your kitchen cupboard. She will take a photo of the groceries in your home as well as a photo of your receipt (which she will leave on your counter).

If you would like the Worker to do a pet visit in conjunction with the grocery delivery, the usual pet sitting fee will be applied; please schedule this ahead of time.

You will receive an invoice for the amount of the groceries plus the $25 delivery fee after the service is completed. We do not limit how long your list is, but the entire trip should take our worker about 1 hour to complete, to include drive time. Our worker will use her Kroger rewards card to further save you money at the checkout.

You tell us your preference of the following 3 locations: Kroger (located at 2808 Ashman St, Midland Mi), Family Fare Supermarket (located at 2026 N. Saginaw Rd, Midland) or Meijer (located at 7300 Eastman Ave, Midland, Mi).

Our Grocery Delivery service is for current pet care clients only.

Our Worker is available 7 days a week, but the service is subject to scheduling availability as our Worker is also completing pet visits throughout the day. Adequate notice is appreciated.