$75 – inside city limits, $100 – outside city limits, (this price includes one dinner time visits for each overnight stay).

Is your pet afraid of the dark? Do they get lonely at night? Have one of our sitter’s spend the night to give your pets and your home the added security. This service includes a dinner visit with A 10-hour sleeping stay. Additional mid-day visits are at the regular Pet Sitting Visit price.

While the Pet Sitter is staying in your home we ask that you provide: a bed and bedding and your WiFi password.  Our pet sitters will bring their own food and wash their linens at the end of their stay.  Often times our Pet Sitters will stay longer than the minimum requirement because they find it convenient to use your home as their home base while they do their daily pet visits at other clients homes.

Each pet care service will conclude with an email (or message through the APP) from your pet care provider with notes and pictures from the visit.  These notes and pictures go into your secure online profile and can be viewed at any time.